About Us

We are three women from alternate professions who happen to be related, collectively inspired by the practice of incorporating the use of aromatherapy, Reiki and crystals into our daily habits and routines. We strive to live our lives as naturally but realistically as possible. What does that mean? We are regular everyday women that occasionally indulge in the easy pleasures of life like a cold Beer or coloring our hair every 6 weeks and there is nothing wrong with that! As regular people who do those regular everyday things, we also believe that it is essential to create a balanced routine and find natural alternatives whenever possible. That is why we have developed products that we believe can be incorporated into everyone's daily practices as a natural replacement or addition. Whether it is a facial oil, a weekly mask, an everyday perfume, or a candle to cozy up the house, a little bit of natural goes a long way. Our goal is to help people replace or add natural products where they can, making a transition to a healthier, more natural routine accessible for everyone.