About Our Candles

Our candles are not your average candle. They're a vibe. 

Beeswax instead of Soy 

When beeswax is heated it naturally releases negative ions which are known to purify the air by attaching themselves to positive ions, weighing them down and preventing them from penetrating our airways. Some well known positive ions we are all familiar with are dust, pollen, mold and other toxins. Beeswax is an all around healthier burn and a much less toxic candle choice when compared to paraffin, a common additive to soy candles. It is the most natural option and creates one of the cleanest burning candles you can find. Beeswax is harder than soy and often burns for longer periods of time. Our candle blend is comprised of natural beeswax, organic unrefined coconut oil and pure essential oils. Coconut oil allows the beeswax to absorb the pure essential oil and distribute an even and more consistent burn while also maintaining the essence of the pure essential oils. 

The Scent

Most candles are very fragrant. All you have to do is pick a candle up and usually you will immediately catch a whiff of whatever the scent is. That is because candles are generally scented with fragrance. We use only Pure Essential Oils as our scenting agent. What's the difference between Fragrance and Pure Essential Oils? One is manufactured in a lab and one is pure. Fragrance is more potent and noticeably stronger, especially before the wick is even lit. Pure Essential Oil is a much cleaner scent that is not as powerful before the wick is lit. 

The Crystals We Add

Each candle is usually adorned with a piece of raw amethyst unless it's a specialty candle and we switch it up. The reason we add Amethyst is because when Amethyst is heated, like beeswax, it releases negative ions. Negative ions not only purify the air but despite the name they are in fact very positive on our health. Positive ions neutralize free radicals, improve the function of the immune system and promote sleep. Amethyst is also a very calming and positive stone which makes it the perfect addition to our candles. Like we said, it's a vibe.

The Herbs We Use

Homegrown dried herbs of Lavender and Sage have been added to most of our candles (unless they are specialty) not only for their calming fragrance but also for their burning benefits. Lavender relieves stress and promotes relaxation. Sage has antimicrobial properties, purifies the air (positive ions) and helps to dispel negative energy within a space. We grow our herbs because that way we can ensure the purity. 

The Reiki

Every candle we create has been Reiki charged by our in-house Reiki master. Reiki charging amplifies these candles with a universal healing energy meant to benefit all in its presence. The art of Reiki is an ancient healing technique that involves the movement of energy from a Reiki master using gentle movements of the hands to 

guide the flow of healthy energy through the body. This practice is done to reduce tension and stress, balance energy and promote healing. Reiki can be used to “charge” or “empower” objects with calming, positive and protective energy. We believe that the spiritual energy of Reiki preformed on objects may ultimately be channeled from a distance and its effects may be felt without physical contact. We also believe in freedom of thought and that energy work may not be for everyone, that is why we Reiki all of our products with a calming and positive energy because a little encouragement of positive energy is good for all souls, believer or not.